My Sunday blues and how to fix it

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Blue skies, sun is shining, and the snow that fell yesterday will be gone in no time. I now have two full days of free time on my hands. Even so, I woke up feeling a bit blue. It has been a week of emotional stress and physical pain and exhaustion, and true to my character I have tried to sweep that under the rug until today. There was a time when I would wallow in these feelings, but now I just want to fix the problem(s) and move on. And certainly not use my free time feeling down. So, the fix is what? Kittens?

This is one of my cats, The Tiger, when he was about 6 months old.

My cats are a constant source of comfort and laughter, and I feel blessed that I was able to save them from being put down and give them a good home in a safe environment.

Who can be sad around this one?

My dog, Toyah, is the 7th Belgian Shepherd in my household. She’s been with us for 5 years, and is my very active and eager hiking partner. She never gets too tired for another walk, never wants to turn around and go home, and never ignores me when I feel down. Like today. She puts her head in my lap and looks at me as if to say: Hey, I know you feel down, but I’m here for you!

Then there’s my son, my pride and joy. He’s clever, helpful and empathetic, and even though I try not to bother him with grown-up problems I know I can count on him for support and help and laughter. I don’t think I’m a very typical Mom, nor he a very typical 12 year old.

We live in a place that looks like this during winter. (Not taken today, though.)

I love to be outside, hike in the woods and hills around us, be away from people and alone with my dog and my thoughts on my free time. I like to watch the small things in nature, like the birds and squirrels that come to feed in the tree where I leave them food, or the plants, fish and wildlife I pass when I go hiking. I can’t wait for summer, when the paths dry up and I get off the roads.

kitty birdwatcher
Kitty waiting in vain for birds to come down from the tree.

Today I will sit on my porch and watch my cats watch the birds in the tree, and take small walks with my dog. My health doesn’t allow longer hikes just yet, but I know there will come a time when my body is not painful, and I don’t get exhausted from a 3 hour hike. When my free time really can be free and I’m in control of what to do and when to do it.



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  1. Du har mange flotte ting å glede deg over i livet ditt! Og vet at en ny og bedre periode er på veg. God søndag på verandaen. 🙂

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